2011: North American streetpaper organization recognizes the VOICE

The Denver VOICE was awarded twice at this year's North American Street Newspaper Association conference. 

  • Best Design for its December 2010 issue.
  • Vendor Community Connection for vendor John Alexander's connection with the Auraria Campus community. 

The VOICE was a finalist in five of eight categories in the  annual awards! The five categories are:

In 2009, the VOICE won two NASNA awards, Most Improved Vendor Program and Vendor who made the biggest contribution to a paper.

Congratulations to the Denver VOICE staff, writers and vendors, and a huge thanks to all our supporters for helping us create a program and publication worthy of such distinction.

2009: Local Newspaper awards the VOICE

In February of 2009 the Denver VOICE was very honored to be awarded Westword’s MasterMind award for Literary Arts. This prestigious award honors five cultural visionaries working to change the cultural landscape of Denver and the Denver VOICE is proud to have received this recognition. To read more about it click here.

2009: VOICE hosts North American conference

In July 2009, we hosted the annual conference of the North American Street Newspapers Association, a nonprofit trade association of street newspapers throughout North America. NASNA is the regional support network of the International Network of Street Papers which consists of 103 papers in 37 countries and growing. NASNA has 25 members in 19 U.S. cities and 4 Canadian. NASNA members have a combined monthly circulation of over 287,000. We hosted 42 delegates from across North America and as part of that conference we hosted the first annual Street Newspaper Awards Banquet with Denver’s Mayor John Hickenlooper and Cheri Honkala the director of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign as guest speakers. The Denver VOICE won 2 awards, Most Improved Vendor Program and Vendor who made the biggest contribution to a paper and was nominated in 7 categories for excellence in journalism and accomplishments in our vendor program. Attendees included vendors, street newspapers, donors, foundations and members of the media.

2009: VOICE travels to international conference

In May 2009 two Denver VOICE staff members traveled to Bergen, Norway to participate in the International Network of Street Papers Conference. Denver VOICE editor Tim Covi had one of his articles nominated for Best Interview during the conference.  This experience was extremely valuable in terms of networking with street papers around the world and learning best practices in arenas of vendor programs, editorial and organizational.

How many people are we helping?

We have made tremendous strides in providing jobs for hundreds of people experiencing homelessness in Denver and in Boulder since 2007. Our first issue in August of 2007 our vendors distributed 1,500 papers. Now nearing the end of 2009 are vendors distribute, one at a time, over 16,000 papers per month. In early 2008 we partnered with the Carriage House in Boulder to open up a satellite distribution center in Boulder and many of our vendors in Boulder have consistently been some of our top sellers.

In 2008 we provided jobs for over 600 unique individuals who collectively sold over 100,000 papers which conservatively was $100,000 they earned. Many of our vendors collect more than a dollar for the paper and we feel this dollar amount could be low.

In 2009, our trends in terms of number of vendors and papers being sold has nearly doubled from last year. We have averaged 15,000 per month and as of September have sold more that 135,000 papers. In the first 6 months we provided jobs for 550 people almost as many as all of 2008.